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Most casino gaming fans will realise that mobile devices offer an unparalleled way to enjoy slots and table games at their own convenience. It’s something we understand at Casino Secret, so we thought we’d create a quick guide that discusses whether there’s a Casino Secret app. While many gamers enjoy using an app to play casino games, there are also plenty of advantages to just using the browser on your mobile device. We will discuss all of this to make sure that you get the best possible gaming experience on your smartphone or tablet. So keep reading to see whether you would like a Casino Secret app or whether there’s a better alternative.




Is there a Casino Secret app?

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At the moment there is no official CasinoSecret online casino app currently available. While this might be disappointing for some casino gaming fans, it’s important to remember that you can still use a smartphone or tablet to access our mobile-friendly gaming site. Casino Secret is a relatively new brand, and there is a good chance that we might develop a Casino Secret app for iOS and Android devices in the near future. But just because there isn’t a Casino Secret app just yet doesn’t mean that you will have to miss out on the very best in online casino gaming.

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Play Casino Secret games on a mobile

So if there isn’t a Casino Secret app, how can you play our slots and table games on a smartphone or tablet? It’s actually pretty simple. All you would need to do is to fire up the browser on your mobile, point it to our standard Casino Secret site, and then you will find that you should enjoy a quality mobile gaming experience. We have put plenty of effort into making sure that our casino site is very mobile-friendly so that all of the games load quickly and look great from the comfort of the smaller screen.

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Why gamers love to play casino games on the go

It might be stating the obvious, but playing casino games on a mobile means that you get the chance of winning big no matter where you are. Whether you’re relaxing on the sofa or are out and about, there’s nothing like mobile gaming to add some fun to your day. This is why Casino Secret are keen to help you get the most out of your smartphone or tablet. Our mobile-optimised gaming site should be able to work with all kinds of platforms, and you should be able to enjoy the same level of service as you would if you were on a desktop or laptop computer.

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Fact check

If you are keen about playing our casino games, then you will want to know how to access our service in the absence of a Casino Secret app. As a result, we will walk you through all of the simple steps you need to take on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. These tips won’t guarantee that you win big on any of our awesome casino games, but they should prove to be a smooth gateway to playing the best slots and table games from the comfort of your mobile device. Find more information in our Casino Secret review.

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Enjoy the Casino Secret site on an iOS mobile

Owners of Apple iPhones and iPads can now look forward accessing the world’s best casino games with a swipe of their screens. Don’t worry about clogging up your iOS device with anything like a Casino Secret app, as you can just use your mobile browser instead. Simply type in the Casino Secret web address into your browser, and then you will see how our site loads quickly on your Apple smartphone or tablet. All of the games should be easily playable, and you will be able to carry out important tasks like making withdrawals and so on.

Android users can get a great mobile experience

It’s remarkably easy to access all of the Casino Secret promotions and games from the convenience of your Android mobile. Simply load up your browser and then visit the Casino Secret website and you’ll find that it acts just in the same way as the regular website, but now on the comfort of the small screen. Whether you’re browsing our slots games with a swipe of a finger, or spinning the roulette wheel with the tap of a finger, then we think that all Android users will enjoy our mobile-optimised site on a smartphone or tablet.

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Did you know?

The fact that there is no Casino Secret app just yet might be surprising to some casino gaming fans. But there are plenty of good reasons as to why browser-based gaming could offer plenty of advantages over using an app. If you are not convinced, then just read through some of the following points, and then you will quickly forget all about ever wishing for a Casino Secret app on your mobile device.

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It’s easy to play casino games via a mobile browser

Anybody who has ever used the standard Casino Secret website will have a very easy time in making the switch over to our mobile-friendly service. Not only will the basic look of the Casino Secret site be the same, but many other features will be remarkably similar. Once you have used our mobile-optimised site on a smartphone a couple of times, you’ll quickly understand why this is the preferred option for many true casino gaming fans.

No download required to play Casino Secret games

One of the key reasons as to why there is no Casino Secret app just yet is the fact that we want all gamers to get straight into the action. Rather than having to go to any kind of app store, you can simply use your browser to play anything from a simple slots game to an advanced table game. Not only does this mean that you won’t waste time in downloading an app, but it means that you will have lots more space on your smartphone or tablet. All of which makes for a speedier and superior casino gaming service.

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The Casino Secret site works for all mobile devices

We’ve focused on the fact that the Casino Secret site is optimised towards iOS and Android mobile devices. But it’s also important to remember that our casino gaming platform works for other mobile operating systems too. Whether you’re using a Windows mobile phone or even a BlackBerry device, then you should be able to use the browser to access the Casino Secret online gaming service. So regardless of what your preferred smartphone or tablet is, there should be nothing stopping you enjoying our casino games and bonuses on the go.

All of the games and promotions available for mobile users

We have found that some supposed casino gaming apps tend to miss out some of the operator’s games and bonuses. But this definitely isn’t the case when you use the Casino Secret site on your mobile device. You will get full access to all of the slots and table games that you’ve dreamed of so that you can always get some gaming entertainment while you are out and about. Plus we should mention the fact that all of the Casino Secret bonuses and promotions can also be enjoyed on the go so that you’re never too far away from our instant cashback deals.

Mobile gamers can enjoy top customer support and much more

Just because you are using a mobile device to enjoy our Casino Secret service doesn’t mean that you can’t carry out all of the essential tasks like managing your money. We’ve made our mobile site simple to use so that you can add money and make withdrawals with just a few taps of your mobile screen. There are also easy links to our excellent customer support team via live chat or email. Basically, if you use a mobile to play at Casino Secret, you’ll find that you can do everything that you would with a laptop.

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The Casino Secret mobile service shows that you don’t necessarily need an app to enjoy the very best in casino gaming. Whether you are on an iOS or Android device, you’ll simply be able to use your mobile browser to get straight into the gaming action. From taking advantage of our great cashback promotions, to accessing our responsive customer support, there’s everything you’d need to win big. So be sure to use your smartphone or tablet to sign up to Casino Secret and enjoy some casino gaming on the go.